Guinin the Scourge

Warlord Plunderer ----- "Come with your armies and I will smash them. Come with your magics and I will smash them. Come with peace and I will smash you like a whirlwind."


Primary Motivation: The genocide of the South Brixian people who he see’s as an inferior ethnic group.

Secondary: Insane and Bloodthirsty. Single minded in his goals and can’t be reasoned with.

Guinen sees the South Brixian people as a blight that will eventually destroy the North Brixian people unless they themselves are destroyed. He sees them as vermin that threaten everything that North Brixia and his god stands for.

He believes that he is divinely ordained to destroy what he considered a corrupt ethnic strain of his people. As he gains power, and becomes more bold in his attacks upon South Brixian lands, the longer he remains unchecked.

Guinin the Scourge

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