South Brixian Gladiator


Argus is the son of Artemus Therabin, a South Brixian caravan guard employed by the Deepingdale Trading Company for as long as Argus could remember. On his 16th birthday, Argus’ father caved in to his son’s constant prodding and took him along on a routine caravan train headed west. Argus’ mother and sister remained behind, awaiting their return.

The caravan expected no trouble and had none for many a day. But on one fateful evening the caravan was attacked by a raiding party of Blood Hand Orcs. Argus fought next to his father as best he could but his father fell to an orc crossbow bolt through the neck, dead. Argus, along with others who had not been slain in the attack, was beaten senseless and captured.

Taken back to the orc village, Argus was forced to fight in an orc blood pit for food and water. Argus lost count of the days as he brutally fought with his bare hands and teeth, losing much of his humanity in the process. He eventually became more savage than civil; his fathers training and memory the only things keeping him sane.

One day a South Brixian patrol, whos mission was to locate and defeat the orc band that was terrorizing the area, found them. The prisoners that still lived, were in cages at the bottom of a large pit. The patrol liberated the prisoners. It turned out that over two years had passed since Argus’ capture. Realizing that just letting the young Argus go fend for himself would be a waste, they took him back to the nearby city of Hawkspire and sold him in the Hawkspire Arena there.

And so ends the trials of Argus at the hands of the Orcs and now begins the trials of his civility in the arena of Hawkspire.

  • Description: Big and tall for a South Brixian, at 6’2" and 230lbs, he has mid- length, uncombed, wild, black hair. He has callused hands, body and facial scars. Also has a large burn mark on his chest.
  • Father: Artemus Therabin – Mother: Sara Therabin – Sister: Reina Therabin (3 Years younger than Argus)
  • Motivation: To honor his fathers death through combat. Also has a dislike of all gods because of his years of abandonment to the orcs. Misses his family and doesn’t know where they are.

Argus has fought in the arena for the last 3 years. His skills have grown, as has his love of battle. Argus’ master, Imeb Iduma; a tall, clean shaven Aksumite of at least 50 seasons, is the head of the Iduma Gladiator School.

Imeb is a greedy man, with delusions of grandeur, who wants nothing more than for his school to be the top gladiatorial school in Hawkspire. Currently, the top school is the Takuro Obinata school. Imeb plots daily on how he can contrive Takuro’s downfall.

Every time he enters the arena, Argus carefully searches the faces in the crowd- looking for his mother or sister, hoping to one day spot them amongst the jeering, bloodthirsty arena spectators. Each day, Argus grows more and more homesick. Imeb promises that in only ‘one more season’, Argus will earn enough to buy his freedom, and then be able to search for his family.



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