Babd Son of Babd


Primary Focus: To fulfill his duties as a professional Mercenary.

Secondary Focus:Retire to his ancestral home.

His main concern is faithfully completing a job even if it means breaking a law or two. His reputation in this area is a matter of great personal pride. Babd is close friends with the mercenary Ordok and the two often work together for the Deepingdale Trading company in ‘claims protection and retrieval’. Babd stays connected to his Ymirian heritage thru his frost rune magic. He uses these abilities to augment his already formidable skills with his giant war hammer. Babd would eventually like to retire and re-establish his ancestral village, which has fallen on hard times.

Babd is short for a Ymirian, standing only 6’8 inches tall, though his strength is unquestioned.

Babd Son of Babd

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