Baros Blackrose

Agent of the Empire


Baros Blackrose was the 2nd son of Lord Dregos Blackrose, a Knight in the service of South Brixia. His elder brother (by 3 seasons), Kerin, was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps from birth but Baros was left to his own devisings, eventually bonding with Lord Blackrose’s stable-hand Mitros. Unknown to all, Mitros was a retired agent of the Empire and a skilled scout, assassin, spy and diplomat.

As the years passed, Baros eventually found Mitros out spoke at length about duty and honor…attributes that his family held in high esteem, but in a different way. Mitros impressed upon Baros that the same commitment to one’s sovereign could be achieved in other areas, not just the field of battle to which Lord Blackrose was preparing Kerin for. Baros’ mother, Lady Tarise, knew of Mitros’ true identity for it was her noble heritage that allowed the South Brixian Legionaire Dregos to become knighted upon his marriage to Lady Tarise. Lady Tarise saw the influence that Mitros was having on her youngest son and encouraged it.

Mitros taught Baros many things and the perceptive Baros picked up on them like a duck to water. Diplomacy, stealth and refined awareness were a few but also the fine art of being able to get into places that others would prefer you didn’t and basic combat. Baros was also taught the many languages of the people in the Land of Winds.

After 15 years, Baros asked Mitros to petition for him entry into service of the Empire. Agreeing, Mitros officially sponsored Baros’ initiation into Agent-hood.


Baros Blackrose

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