Cercer Walking-Tree

A dedicated and fierce Feralon agent of his people's interests.




Body | 16 | Mind | 12 | Spirit | 15 | Fatigue | 43|

Str | 2 | Int | 2 | Fai | 3 |

End | 2 | Wil | 2 | Pre | 2 |

Agi | 5 | Mem | 3 | Cou | 3 |

Spd | 4 | Per | 3 | Emp | 3 |

App | 3 | Chr | 2 | Lck | 4 |
Hand Eye: 4
vigor: 2
Tech: 2
Social: 2
Movement: 2
Fortitude: 2
Initiative: 3
Defense: 2

Stealth/Agility (Rank 3): |Small Blade/Coordination (Rank 3)

Marksmanship/Hand Eye (Rank 3)

*Throwing Knife (Rank 4)


Evade/coordination(Rank 2)| Acrobatics/Agility (Rank 2) |Awareness/Perception (Rank 3)

Disable Device/Technical (Rank 1) |Athletics/Vigor (Rank 2)


Combat Sense (1) | Armor (1) | Evasion (1) | Lightening Reflexes (1)


Impale I (Fatigue + 3) | Bypass Armor -2 | +2 Action Cost

Aimed Shot I (Fatigue + 2) | +1 Attack | +2 Action Cost

Bull’s Eye I Ignores 1 pt damage resistance | +5 to damage overage | Action cost +3

Long dagger – 1 pierce/1 slash – action cost4. Critical range:1 Durability:3
Heavy deer hide – /2 pierce and blunt( Durability – 10


Displaying a calm demeanor with an intense and steady gaze, he is smoothly graceful despite his hard, rugged and wild appearance. He carries two long knives and numerous throwing knives hidden beneath his weathered travelling cloak.

Feralon Cercer discarded his traditional Wild Elf name and embraced the Wild Elf God of Predators when he proved worthy of becoming a Feralon. Feralon work for the Wild Elf nations as a whole, which is in direct contradiction to the sometimes fierce individualistic nature of Wild Elves.

Cercer can often be found performing specific tasks, or simply gathering general information that may effect the forests of the Wild Elves.

Like many Feralon, Cercer has a taste for travel and adventure not common to Wild Elves and often wanders until called to duty. Regardless of the paths they have chosen, good or bad, a Feralon always puts the welfare of his people first.


Feralon Cercer discarded his traditional Wild Elf name and embraced the Wild Elf God of Predators when he proved worthy of becoming a Feralon. His was selected to represent his tribe and undergo the presigious and sometimes fatal intiaion to become a Feralon.

Cercer left his tribe to begin his life in defense of the Seven Tribes of the Tanglethorn. Cercer chose the Wild Elf long knife as his weapon of choice and has mastered it’s use. The necessities of his duties have made him both viscious and hardened.

Cercer has set aside his love of the seclusion of his forest home in pursuit of his goals. He has travelled throughout the forests and north into foreign lands, with a sense of sadness at his detachment from the primal force of his forest home. He hopes to recapture this spiritual connection, when his call to duty is finally done. He has become at peace with the fact that he may not live to see this day.

Cerer occasionally meets other Feralon’s by chance or in pursuit of his duty although most often he works alone.

Cercer relishes his rare contact with other wild elves although his sense of brotherhood is not always returned due to the nature of his duty. Like many Feralon, Cercer has a taste for travel and adventure that has widened his world view and furthur seperated him from his kinfolk.

He has worked as enforcer, hunter, assassin and spy in his role as Feralon. Cercer has made great sacrifices in his near single-minded devotion to this duties. Unless his sense of duty is called upon, Cercer is a loyal and stallwort ally.

Cercer’s last assignment follow a large South Brixian merchant caravan that recently passed the sourthen edge of the Wild Elf forests. Cercer was ordered carefull note it’s trade route and who it had dealings with. After following the caravan all into the South Brixian lands, Cercer discovered that the caravan was trading in items illegally taken from the Elven Forest. Cercer related the details of the caravan’s journey to his leader through the use of a message stone, which is use by Feralons use to stay communicate and receive orders from their order. Cercer was ordered to sabatoge the progress of the caravan until other Feralon were able to join him and retreive the items.

Under the cover of night,Cercer stole horses, cut riggings,and anything else he could think of to delay the caravan. Several drivers also mysteriously wandered of, further slowing it’s progress. When he was joined by a small force of Feralon it became apparent that they would be unable to carry the items back, so they raided the caravan and set fire to the wagons containing the stolen goods, destroying them. Upon completion of this mission, Cercer is left to his own devices until he is once again called to perform a task for his order. He uses this time to gain experience and knowledge. His adventures and wanderings have led him to the South Brixian city of Hawkspire.


Cercer Walking-Tree

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