Skills of Note:

  • Gambling
  • Fast Talk
  • Diplomacy
  • Pick Pockets
  • Pick Locks
  • Stealth
  • Speak Elvish
  • Lore: Elvish

Terin and his twin sister Elysian were born in the slums of Caelot to a low ranking thieves guildsman (Unseen Hand) and an unnamed prostitute who died in child birth. Their father, Therius, was a not too intelligent sadistic leg-breaker who eventually met his end in the same manner that he lived. Unfortunately, Therius was indebted to a fellow guildsman, one Serith Greeneye, a High Elf silver tongued master Confidence Man. Serith had some rank in the guild and decided that in order to pay off the debts of their father that the twins would be indentured to him and the guild until their 18th summer which was 10 years away.

Terin aptly picked up on Serith’s training in the art of gambling and fast talking, while Elysian’s skill at picking pockets and breaking locks surpassed Serith’s. In their 13th summer, they were given a choice: join the Unseen Hand, pay for their “training” or leave Caelot forever. The twins argued over the best path to take with Terin wanting to leave the blighted slums, but Elysian wanting to stay and rise up the Guild Ladder. Knowing Terin’s desire to see other lands, Serith released him from the remaining 5 years of obligation stating simply that a future favor will be owed. He gave Terin 100 silvers and wished him well, but cautioned that he would not be able to protect him if he ever stepped foot inside Caelot again. Elysian took Terin’s desire to leave personally and at the high moon bell’s toll called upon Viva to curse him for his foolish decision. On that night 5 years ago Terin “died” and Midnight was born.

Falling fully into the psyche of Midnight, Terin has become an accomplished gambler and confidence man while retaining some of the minor skills of his guild training such as lock picking, pocket picking and stealth. Due to his upbringing and some of the sights that he’s seen, he avoids violence at almost all costs and refuses to kill. From his years with Serith, Terin speaks fluent Elvish and has come to respect the various Elvish cultures and nuances.

Terin possesses a bond with his twin sister Elysian, in which each know’s the basic state of the other (i.e. hurt, dead, etc).

•Terin’s goals are varied and sporadic depending on the situation. One prevailing goal is to “see the corners of the world”. He is overly competitive and willing to go all in when the situation dictates.
•Terin is a non-descript South Brixian male of 18 years with shoulder length auburn hair tied into a pony tail. He stands 5 feet 8 inches, weights 150 lbs, wears a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow and tends to have a permanent smirk. He bears the glyph of the Guild Worker on his right wrist from his training time with the guild. He generally wears a leather wristband over the tattoo.


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