Primary Focus: To fulfill his duty as a professional Mercenary

Secondary Focus: To retire and start his own mercenary guild.

Ordok is a professional mercenary in every sense of the word. He takes great pride in his reputation for fulfilling his contracts to the letter. He will work within the law when possible, but will break them if they conflict with his contract. Through experience, Ordok has developed great control over his berserker abilities, and only uses them in extreme circumstances. He is close friends with Babd and often works with him under contract to the Deepingdale Trading Company in ‘claims; protection and retrieval’. He uses his Orcish heritage for intimidation, but he’s adapted well to human culture. If he lives long enough, Ordok would like to be the one assigning the contracts instead of fulfilling them. He is of the Naab orcish tribe.

Ordok is thick and powerfully built at 6’5.


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