Tasius Blackrose of Vexus

A young man conflicted by his responsibility to the church and his pursuit of a life of his own


Name: Tasius Blackrose
• Race: South Brixian (Imperial)
• Background: Civilized
• Profession: Noble
• Age: 20

STR: 10
CON: 10
DEX: 10
SIZ: 10
INT: 10
POW: 15
CHA: 15
SOC: 16

• Base Strike Rank (DEX+INT)/2: 10

  • Strike Rank Penalty:
  • Modified Strike Rank:

• Base Combat Actions (DEX+INT): 2
• Base Damage Modifier (STR+SIZ): -1D2
• Encumbrance (STR+SIZ): 20
• Fatigue (CON): 10
• Hero Points: 2
• Hit Points (CON+SIZ): 20
• Magic Points (POW): 11
• Dedicated Power: 4

  • Total Improvement Points: 7
  • Current Improvement Points: 2
  • Improvement Roll Modifier(CHA):+ 1

Common Skills
Athletics (STR+DEX):

Boating (STR+CON):

Brawl (STR+DEX):

Brawn (STR+SIZ):

Culture (South Brixian)(INTx2): 50

Dance (DEX+CHA):

Drive (DEX+POW):

Evade (DEXx2): 20

Evaluate (INT+CHA): 45

First Aid (INT+DEX): 21

Influence (CHA+SOC): 92

Insight (INT+POW): 47

Lore (Cult) (INTx2):

Lore (South Brixian) (INTx2): 50

Perception (INT+POW): 50

Persistence (POW x2): 65

Resilience (CONx2): 34

Ride (DEX+POW): 30

Sing (CHA+POW): 30

Sleight (DEX+CHA):

Stealth (DEX+INT):

Advanced Skills
Acrobatics (STR+DEX):

Command (CHA+POW):

Commerce (INT+CHA):

Courtesy (INT+CHA): 25

Craft (DEX+INT):

Culture (Other) (INTx2)
• Wild Elf: 20

Disguise (INT+CHA):

Engineering (INTx2):

Fast talk (CHA+INT):

Gambling (INT+POW):

Healing (INT+POW):

Language (INT+CHA)
• South Brixian Imperial: 75
• Wild Elf: 25

Lore (INT*2)
• Law: 20
• Heraldry: 20
• Martial Tactics: 20
• Church of Vexus: 55

Alchemy Lore (INTx2):
Mechanisms (DEX+INT):
Meditation (POWx2):
Mounted Combat (DEXx2)

Navigation (INTx2): 20

Oratory (POW+CHA): 50

Seduction (INT+CHA): 25

Ship Handling (INT+CON):
Streetwise (POW+CHA):

Survival (POW+CON): 25

Teaching (INT+CHA):

Track (INT+CON): 20

Pact (Church of Vexus) (CHA + Dedicated POW): 38

Common/Low Magic (CHA+POW): 30

Combat Skills (Styles)
• 1H Sword(STR+DEX): 31
o Imperial Gladius – 1D6, SIZ M, Reach S, Maneuver Bleed/Impale, ENC 1, 6/8, 41
o Longsword – 1D8/1D10, SIZ M, Reach L, Maneuver Bleed/Impale, ENC 2, 6/12, 31
• Target Shield (STR+DEX): 20
o Target Shield – 1D6, SIZ L, Reach S, Maneuver Impale, ENC 2, 4/12, 20
• Throwing Knife (DEX*2): 20
o Knife – 1D4, Damage Mod Y, Range 10m, SIZ S, Maneuver Impale, 4/6

Hit Points Per Location
• Total Hit Points (CON+SIZ): 20
o Right Leg (1-3): 4
o Left Leg (4-6): 4
o Abdomen (7-9): 5
o Chest (10-12): 6
o Right Arm (13-15): 3
o Left Arm (16-18): 3
o Head (19-20): 4

Armor Per Location

  • Right Leg:
  • Left Leg:
  • Abdomen:
  • Chest:
  • Right Arm:
  • Left Arm:
  • Head:

• Fresh (-0%)
• Winded (-10%)
• Tired (-20%)
• Weary (-30%)
• Exhausted (-40%)
• Debilitated (-50%)

Heroic Abilities

Magic Skills

Common (Low) Magic

  • Heal 3

Divine Magic Spells

  • Vexus, also known as the Bright Twin, is the God of Law, Fire, Glory, Healing and Sun

1. Blessing of Vexus (Blessing) – Duration 15 minutes, Rank Initiate, Touch. This spell grants a bonus of 5% per Magnitude of the spell (+20%) to a Cult Skill (not sure which next).
2. Minor Healing of Vexus (Heal Wound) – Instant, Rank Initiate, Touch. Heals one location back to full Hit Point but will not cause a severed limb to reattach or regenerate.
3. Shielding of Vexus (Shield) – Duration 15 minutes, Rank Initiate, Touch. This spell protects the caster from physical and magical attacks. Each point of Magnitude (4) either gives the caster one Armor Point on all Hit Locations, OR one point of magical protection as per Counter Magic Shield, or a combination thereof.
4. Embue Gladius (True) – Duration 15 minutes, Rank Initiate, Touch. Cast on an imperial gladius, this spell doubles that weapon’s normal damage dice. The wielder of the weapon should roll the weapon’s damage twice and total the result.


  • Silvers: 750, Blackrose Crest Signet (worth 1d6x100 silver) 500,
  • Improvement Points: 10/0 remaining
  • Hero Points: 6
  • Armor:

Tasius Blackrose, grand nephew of Baros Blackrose.

Tasius is a young man of 20 summers with a lanky build and piercing eyes. His sandy brown hair has the appearance of perma ‘bed head’. Tasius has not yet learned the restraint that comes from experience and many times feels overwhelmed at being one of the “Chosen of Vexus”, as it will monopolize his time and not allow him to pursue his carousing.

Tasius is an Initiate with the Church of Vexus, South Brixian nobility and also knows many of the Caelot taverns from his years of carousing. Note character background for details of Contacts/Allies/Rivals/Enemies.

Cultural Background

  • Civilized

Tasius was born to Casius Blackrose, the son of the Kerin Blackrose, brother of Baros. Tasius was orphaned as a child when his mother succumbed to disease and his father was (presumed) killed during the Beast Wars. As a result he was raised by his grand uncle’s adventuring companions Argus and Cercer. Much to their chagrin, Tasius was not interested in learning to fight or scout [Navigate, Survival and Track], Tasius preferred to hunt young noblewomen and guild-daughters during his teens. He much preferred the taste of wine, good food and good women than wearing smelly armor and wielding oily weapons.

This all changed one year ago, when he and a retinue were heading from Caelot to Hawkspire and were attacked by bandits and the guards were killed down to the last man and Tasius was taken captive for a ransom. The bandit hideout was located near the Standing Stone of Vexus, a holy place where the first Paladin was ordained by the Great One himself a millenia ago. Beaten, bruised and pale, Tasius did something that he had never done…something that he never considered doing in 19 summers. He prayed to Vexus for his life.

He prayed to Vexus for strength. He prayed to Vexus for revenge! [Pact Skill] Then it happened…a beautiful South Brixian woman approched the tent where he was bound and beheld the young noble. The look of derision and contempt from the armored woman could be felt, yet the woman’s very presence gave Tasius strength and courage. As Tasius looked down he noticed that his bindings were cut and a perfectly crafted imperial gladius lay at his feet. The woman simply stated “Obey” and began to shine like the sun and when the light passed Tassius was fully healed and the strange woman gone.

Exiting the tent, Tasius saw plumes of smoke rising from the flaming tents of the bandits. Burned and ashen bodies lay strewn about the encampment and a sobbing could be heard from the lone intact tent of the bandit lord. Grasping the sword Tasius entered the tent and beheld the bandit lord writhing on the ground with his eyes burned out. Tasius wanted to kill the cruel man, but could not bring himself to do it. At that moment, Cercer Walking-Tree entered the tent and took the boy away leaving Argus to handle the bandit lord.

Upon returning to Caelot, Tasius was ordered to the Church of Vexus and was found to be one of the Chosen who had the responsibility of acting as the arm of the Church in all things. He is still adjusting to this as it heavily conflicts with this carousing and his noble pursuits. He made an oath to Vexus and he appreciates the power he wields, yet he doesnt fully understand it all and relies on the more experienced priests to direct him. Argus and Cercer have trained him in conventional combat [Sword and Shield, Martial Tactics, Throw Knife] as well as unconventional forest warfare [Martial Tactics], though at this time Tasius is not quite and apt pupil.

Tasius is a true dichotomy, he is beholden to his station and his god yet is still young and wants to do what he wants to do. Most do not feel that is his quite ready to be in the field yet, but as a Chosen of Vexus it is not for him to be cloisted. He appreciates a pretty face and a good meal and sometimes places these things before his duties and during these times the Armored Woman may manifest to help him regain his focus. Oddly enough, noone else seems to see the Armored Woman lurking about.

Family Background:
• Family Ties – No Living Parents (presumed), 1D4 Siblings (2), 1D4 Aunts and Uncles on each parent’s side (2 on Father side, 1 on Mother side)
• Family Reputation – Excellent Standing (3 Contacts or Allies)
o Ally – Baros Blackrose, Great Uncle, retired (?) Agent of the Empire (this fact is unknown by Tasius), Patriarch of House Blackrose
o Ally – Argus of Imperia, Companion of Baros, Former Gladiator, Trainer in Martial pursuits and “manhood” items, Protector during his ‘youth’.
o Ally – Cercer Walking Tree, Wild Elf Scout (?), actually is a Feralon (Agent of the Wild Elves), Trainer in Outdoors pursuits
• Family Connections – Family is considered well connected with other families and persons holding local, regional and national power (2 Contacts, 2 Rivals and 2 Enemies)
o Contact –
o Contact –
o Rival –
o Rival –
o Enemy –
o Enemy -

Tasius Blackrose of Vexus

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