Terivar Serith

Dark and mysterious with the haughty air of superiority


Terivar is slight of build, almost skeletal, but possessing an almost palpable inner strength. Coal black skin and hair are contrasted by his milky pupil-less eyes. He keeps the hood of his heavy velvet cloak pulled up and ivory almost fanged teeth shine from within.

Terivar is an Arcanist attuned to Void and Sorcery. When spells fail, he has learned that a good long-knife is invaluable.

Terivar’s primary goal is to unlock the secrets of Undeath in order to extend his mortality to immortality.

Skills of note: Small Blades, Stealth, Concentration, Awareness, Alchemy, Arcane Lore: Void, Arcane Lore: Chaos, Arcane Lore: Mysticism

Traits of note: Void Affinity, Void Resistance, Dark Vision, Arcane Affinity, Arcane Focus, Magus Sight


Terivar Serith

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