Yarl Ut Capion

Outcast High Elf Wizard - "Good and Evil are illusions for the weak of mind."


Yarl Ut Capion
High Elf Mage

Total Experience 167

Spent Experience 163

Remaining Experience 4

Body 18 Mind 24 Spirit 10 Fatigue 52
STR 2 INT 7 FTH 1 Arcane Memory 75

• Soul Sight I (Can see the general “alignment” of a person in Black/White/Grey auras with a successful Awareness Check vs. 9)
• Mage Sight I (Can see the presence of magic by making a Perception Check vs. 7. This is fairly draining and costs 3 fatigue per round.
• Spell Focus I – Chaos (1 to Chaos Magic rolls)
• Spell Focus I – Mysticism (
1 to Mysticism Magic rolls)
• Arcane Investment III
• Racial Innate Magic: Memory*15 for Arcane Memory
• Racial Low Light Vision (120’)
• Racial Instinctive Awareness (+1 Awareness)
• Racial Alchemy Training: Novice

• Discreet Casting I (by adding 4 to the Difficulty, the caster can cast their spell without being noticed. Those around are able to make a Perception Check vs. a 6 to notice. If someone is actively watching the caster they can make an Awareness check instead of a Perception Check.)

Skills Rank Attribute Modifiers

• Lore: Chaos Magic 6 Will +1 Spell Focus
• Lore: Void Magic 4 Will
• Lore: Mysticism 7 Perc +1 Spell Focus
• Lore: Law Magic 3 Int
• Lore: Life Magic 3 Int
• Alchemy 6 Int
• Evade 3 Agi
• Lore: High Elf History 4 Int

• Heavy Purple Robes (DR1)
• Viralin’s Bracers (+2 Defense)
• Silver Dagger (DF 2)
• Shoulder Book Satchel (Holds up to 5 Books)
o Book of Shadow’s (1)
o Book of the Blightborn (2)
o Book of Aristus the Mad (3)
o Book of Yarl (4)

Trap the Body 1 (Void/Conjuration) – Imprisons the target in a 20 hp cage of Void Force. Resist: Will. Level 5
Range: line of sight

Siphon Life 1 (Void/Transmutation) Drain/Health– Transfers Body from one touched target to another touched target up to their max Body. Resist: Will if unwilling. Level 4
Damage 9

Siphon Fatigue 1 (Void/Transmutation) Drain/Fatigue – Transfers Fatigue from one touched target to another touched target up to their max Fatigue. Resist: Will if unwilling. Level 4
Damage 9

Word of Pain 3 (Mysticism/Illusion)illusion/pain/ range/duration/-living only
– Causes the target to feel excruciating pain that distracts them causing them to take a penalty on all actions. Resist: Perception. Level 6 -16 + overage for 6 rds.

Destroy Inanimate 3 (Chaos/Evocation)/damage/ physical/range/- inanimate
Causes damage to inanimate objects Durability ignoring the hardness of the material. Level 3
Damage 3 + overage to inanimate

Cutting Force 3 (Chaos/Evocation) Damage/ magical/ range
Creates a scarlet energy force that slices a target. Resist: Endurance. Level 3 Damage 4 + overage

Create Homonculous 4 (Void/Conjuration) – Creates a minor familiar that serves the caster. The caster has 100’ telepathic contact with the familiar and the familiar must remain within 1 mile of the caster at all times. Level 5

Barrier of Iron Will 3 (Law/Abjuration) shield/arcane/ will duration/ -undead only
Creates a stationary circle of white energy around the caster that keeps his foes at bay. Works against Living and Undead Foes only. Enemies must make a Will check in order to move through the barrier. Level 7 Will check vs 25 to pass

Sleep 4 (Mysticism/Illusion) Illusion/ range/ duration/ -living only Causes the victim to fall into a magical slumber. If a sleeping victim is attacked, they will immediately awaken. Resist: Perc. Level 5

Hush 3 (Mysticism/Illusion) Illusion/range/silence/ -Living only
Causes a victim to become Silenced for the duration of the spell. Silenced victims lose any spell casting ability unless they have a Trait, or Innate ability to cast. Resist: Perc. Level 4
Resist:9 -4 to speak

Imposing Visage 3 (Mysticism/Illusion) Illusion/ Duration/ presence/ -living only
Grants a miscellaneous bonus to any Presence related skill checks for the duration of the spell. Level 4
+4 presence

Blind 3 (Mysticism/Illusion) Illusion/reduce/ range/ -living only
Causes the victim to become Blinded, imposing a penalty on all skill checks that require sight. Resist: Perc 9 Level 4
-4 vision related checks

• Summon Mystical Armor 4 (Law/Conjuration) create/ armor/ duration/weightless/ -self only.
Summons a suit of magical noiseless, weightless, chain mail around the caster. Level 5 Damage Resistance:4
• Trap the Soul 2 (Void/Conjuration) Stun/duration/range/-living only
Causes a void wrenching to the soul of a victim causing them to become Stunned for the duration of the spell. Resist: Will. Level 3
Resist will:8 -4 actions rolls

Phase Body 2 (Chaos/Transmutation) resist physical/duration/ -self only
Allows the caster to assume a ghostly form which reduces the damage of physical attacks. The caster also receives a reduction to any physical attacks that they make. Level 4
Damage resistance:9

Lightning Bolt 2 (Chaos/Evocation) Damage/ Lightening/ range
Fires a bolt of lightning at a target causing physical damage. Level 4
9 Damage + overage

Spirit Wrack 2 (Void/Evocation) – Damage/ arcane/ range
A direct Void attack against a target, which ignores armor. Resist: Will. Level 3
Damage 4 + overage

Combust 2 (Chaos/Evocation) – Damage/ fire/ range
Causes the victim’s clothing to ignite in flame. The victim must make a Luck check to put the flames out. Level 4
Damage 9+ overage

Telekinesis 3 (Mysticism/Transmutation) Telekinesis/ range
Allows the caster to move objects at a range with a Str equal to the spell level. Resist: Strength if applicable. Level 5
Resist str vs 10

Ghost Light 3 (Mysticism/Illusion) – Creates a soft blue/white ambient light centered on the caster, illuminating a 20’ area. Level 5

Identify Magic Item 4 (Law/Divination) Mystical understanding of the properties of a given magical item, including command words, gestures, etc. Level 5

Mark of Vigor 4 (Life/Transmutation) Enhance/body/duration/ -living only
Allows the caster to place a mystical mark on a touched target, increasing their Body for the duration of the spell. Level 4
+4 body

Wild Magic 2 (Chaos/Evocation) Damage/Arcane/range/duration Causes a target to radiate a wild magic which damages the victim’s Mind and Body if they attempt any casting. Resist: Will. Level 2
Damage 0

Spirit of Earth and Air 4 (Life/Divination) – Summon/spirit/Duration/Enhance reaction/-Area only
Summons the natural spirits of a given area to communicate with. Summoned spirits are not bound to answer any questions, or be helpful in any way although they will not be innately hostile unless aggravated. Level 7
+16 reaction when dealing with summoned spirits

Telepathy (Law/Divination) Allows non-vocal communication with a willing target for the duration of the spell. The target of the spell may be changed each round as desired, but only works with neutral or willing targets. Level 7
Range:49 miles

Flare 4 (Chaos/Evocation) – Creates a small burst of flame from the caster’s hands. Note that this spell is not meant as a damage spell, although flaring clothing can cause problems. Level 1

Chill 4 (Chaos/Evocation) – Lowers the temperature of a touched item. Level 1

Manipulate Flame 4 (Mysticism/Transmutation) – Allows the caster to control up to a torch sized flame in the caster’s immediate vicinity. Level 1

Open Minor Lock 4 (Chaos/Transmutation) – Allows the caster to open a touched lock. Note that touching a trapped lock will most likely cause the trap to spring and this spell doesn’t disable the trap. Level 1

Clean 4 (Mysticism/Transmutation) – Allows the caster to remove natural dirt, dust and grime from his clothing and armor. Level 1

Heat 4 (Chaos/Evocation) – Raises the temperature of a touched item. Level 1

Black Shards 2 (Void/Evocation) Damage/arcane/range – The caster creates a stream of solidified Void Magic that causes physical damage to the victim. The spell ignores physical armor. Resist: Will. Level 3
Damage 4 +overage

Ice Shards 2 (Chaos/Evocation) –Damage/ice/cone
The caster creates a cone of ice shards that causes physical damage to everyone in the area of effect. Level 5
Damage: 16 + overage

Mindwrack 2 (Void/Evocation) Damage/mind/range
The caster causes damage directly to the Mind of the target. Victims that fall to 0 Mind are considered Stunned. Resist: Will. Level 6
Resist will:11 Damage: 9+ overage

Shadow Tentacles (Void/Illusion) – Causes Void Tentacles to spring up in a 10’ area that impede the actions of the victims resulting in a penalty to all actions for the duration of the spell. Resist: Perception. Level 4

Manasink 2 (Void/Evocation) damage/mind/ area/range/ The area effect version of Mindwrack, Manasink causes Mind damage to all victims within a 30’ range. Lvl 5
Resist: Will. 10 Damage:4 + overage
• Shadow 2 (Void/Transmutation) Damage reduction/physical/duration/Augment skill/ -self only
The caster assumes the visage of Void, which gives minor damage resistance and a bonus to Stealth checks. Level 6
Damage Reduction: 9 Stealth+9

• Ghost Eyes


Primary Motivation
To amass mystical knowledge and power. He is single minded in his devotion to this cause.

Yarl Ut Capion is a sociopath. Completely amoral, he will do anything to further his study and mastery of magic in all its forms; good or bad, natural or unnatural. He will serve or subjugate any person or entity to further his goals. He will break any promise or look for a way out of any pact, as it suits his purpose.

Yarl Ut Capion obsessively searched for the Book of Souls, also known as the Book of the Dead; an artifact supposedly capable of granting eternal life. Guided by the spirit of Imhotep, an Aksumite priest, with whispered promises of power and ancient lore, along with the help of a group of black-hearted adventurer/mercenaries, he eventually found his prize. None know what happened to the High Elf necromancer, but Imhotep was brought back to ‘life’, but as a ‘living mummy’. Why the ritual went wrong, no one but Imhotep and possibly, Yarl know.


Yarl Ut Capion

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