The nobility of Aquitania are noted for their skill with swords and their chivalry. However, the reputation of the commoners, mainly the abundant sailors, is less impressive. The Aquitanian’s make superb sailors, traders and pirates. Renegade Aquitanian sailors have colonised the Baracha Islands, turning them into one of the greatest havens for piracy in all the seas. Life-Serfs toil in the fields of southern Aquitania, under the whips of the slave masters.

Aquitania is an Imperial province of two contrasting human cultures, regarded as a proud and avaricious. All the seaports are cosmopolitan, with the capital, Athos, being the most open-minded of all, while the inland provinces are filled with farmers, craftsmen and laborers, friendly enough but wary of strangers.

Athos is a noted city of sharp-eyed silkclad merchants, not all of which remain strictly within the law– smuggling and piracy are often tolerated. The law is said to be lax, although occasionally an example is made of foreigners.

Racial Features
Aquitanian’s are swaggering, flashy and have one of the most complex political structures outside of Caelot. The arts of ferreting out information about trading opportunities and taking by piracy whatever opportunities they cannot take by trade have been in the Aquitanian blood in almost equal measure for generations now.

  • Cultural Background: Civilized
  • Racial Skill Bonuses: Silver Tongue- +20% racial bonus to Influence; Seamanship- +10% to Boating; and Eye of the Horizon- +10% to Advanced Lore (Navigation) skills.

Aquitanian swordsmanship is taught in both formal fencing-schools and the back streets of every city, which are no less strict; though many Aquitanians learn only the civilian arming sword, rather than the more military-oriented broadsword.

  • Weapon Skill Proficiency Bonus: +10% Aquitanian Arming sword (1-Hand Sword)

Arming Sword: The arming sword resembles the broadsword but is slightly shorter and lighter and is often confused with the Imperial gladius, or lowly shortsword- although it is slightly greater in length. Aquitanian Knights and mercenaries whose main weapon is a broadsword, battleaxe, heavy mace or two-handed weapon carry an arming sword as a backup weapon and some archers and crossbowmen also use it.

Well made, fancy-looking versions of the arming sword are often worn about town by nobles and other well-to-do types, since it does not attract quite so much attention as the more obviously military broadsword.

  • Adaptive: Humans are very fast learners, quickly picking up new skills and abilities. They receive a +10% bonus to Skill Improvement rolls.



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