The Aspirants are the hidden Eyes and Ears of the Emperor in the lands of Byrra. Originally tasked with collecting far-flung fragments of the Crown of Power, they have, in more recent times, become a prestigious service order for citizens demonstrating the greatest loyalty to the Emperor. These men became known as Veritatis Cupitores, or the Aspirants (Seekers of Knowledge). Even centuries later, the Aspirant Knights are living legends amongst the populace.

To be named in the Aspirants by the Emperor is a great honor, and publicly acknowledged members serve openly in noble courts and diplomatic posts. Privately, many Aspirant members act as the Empire’s intelligence agency. Such agents conceal themselves with secret identities, operating in disguise as couriers, observers, spies and bodyguards throughout the Empire.

The Brixus scrolls traces the history of the Aspirants to the original bodyguards of Olimar Derith. According to this legendary account, the Aspirants pledged themselves to King Maddox Derith’s ascent to the throne.

Though the Aspirants are an established authority in the Empire, they do not pursue the common duties of law enforcement; Aspirants do not arrest citizens if they are caught committing a crime or if they have a bounty on their heads.


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