Hero Points

Hero Points
Hero Points allow Adventurers to differentiate themselves from the rank and file, using Hero Points earned to gain an advantage over opponents, find a way through tricky situations, or mitigate that killing blow that gets through even the best Adventurer’s defence.

Every Adventurer starts with a fixed number of Hero Points that are used throughout his adventures and Quests. New Adventurers start the game with two Hero Points and more can be
earned as the game progresses.

Using Hero Points
Hero Points can be used in a variety of ways. Once spent, a Hero Point is gone forever.Each of the following options costs a single HeroPoint:

  • Last Chance Combat Action: If an Adventurer has exhausted his Combat Actions during a fight and needs to find that last burst of desperate energy to perhaps avoid a messy end, he may spend a Hero Point to gain a Combat Action.
  • Second Chance: A player can re-roll any Skill Test that affects his Adventurer. This can be a Skill Test, damage roll or anything else that has some effect on him. He can even force an opponent to re-roll an attack or damage roll made against him.
  • Glancing Blow: An Adventurer who suffers a Major Injury may spend a Hero Point to
    downgrade the wound to a Serious Injury. This reduces the damage taken to one Hit Point less than what would be required to inflict a Major Wound.
  • Heroic Insight: A Hero Point may be spent to gain a hint or clue from the Games Master that helps the Adventurer resolve a situation that has him at an impasse.
  • Heroic abilities: The Adventurer may spend Hero Points to acquire a Heroic Ability he has qualified for.


Hero Points

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