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South Brixian Empire

This is the oldest human held territory in the known world. It is a land of hundreds of cities, settlements and farms. The Empire has fallen into decadence and decay, with constant skinnishes between the numerous city-states. At one point the entire society seemed on the verge of total collapse, with rampant atrocities, fanatical religious cults, thieving, murder, assassinations, corruption, and general social-political decay.

It was Emperor Leopold the First with his legions, armed with weapons of honor and counseled by the High elves, that conquered the orcs and reunited the Empire. The following generations of emperors continue to rout evil malignancies from the land, keep the city-states united and rebuild the Empire to new heights of power and grandeur. Some say it will never recapture its past glory as it still continues to suffer from some measure of decadence, corruption, death cults and social decay.

In recent years, the Empire has become increasingly militaristic, building upon both its fleet and legions. Young Lord Ilomas speaks boldly of global conquest and is rumored to have struck a bargain with the High Elves just as his forefathers did so many generations ago. It is also rumored that Ilomas has convinced an ancient wizard known only as ‘The Slayer of Mountains’ to join his cause.

The environment of the Empire is varied. In the north are mixed forests of deciduous and coniferous trees, meadows and marshes. The climate and conditions are similar to the north-eastern United States. The Southern half are grasslands with patches of thin, deciduous forests, hills and lowlands. The mountains in the southwest offer the usual zones of vegetation and wildlife, from light forest at its base to alpine pastures at its midsection.

Along most of the low, western mountains are rocky scrublands and stony desert. Toward the northeastern range of the mountains is lush deciduous forests. Beyond the mountains to the northeast are lush, dense, deciduous forest.

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South Brixia

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