Stealth (Hard/Agility)

Stealth represents your ability to creep about unseen and unheard. Whenever you would move without being noticed, you test Stealth.

Stealth has the following Specializations:

Sneak- Conflict Test/Free Action (as part of a Move) You can use Stealth to move unseen and unheard through the shadows. You may only test Stealth in this way if you benefit from rain, foliage, darkness, or some form of cover. A normal Stealth test requires you beat your opponent’s passive Perception result, but if your opponent is searching for you, you must beat your opponent’s (Perception/Awareness) test result.

Blend In- Conflict Test/Lesser Action In a crowded area, you may use the Blend In specialty to make yourself part of the crowd. To conceal your presence, you must make an (Agility/Stealth) test against your opponent’s passive (Perception) result. However, if your opponents are actively searching for you, you must beat their (Perception/Awareness) tests with a Stealth test.

In combat, if your opponent is unaware of you, you gain +1 Action Value on all Melee and ranged (Marksmanship, Bow, etc) tests during the first round.

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