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Common Magic Spells

Sorcery Magic Spells

  • Damage Resistance- p. 198
  • Glow- p. 201
  • Palsy- p.203
  • Spell Resistance- p. 209
  • Wrack- p. 209

Sorcery (Grimoire) (INT x2)
The Sorcery (Grimoire) skill reflects the knowledge of all the spells learned from within a particular grimoire. The skill also limits the effect of the spell.

  • It is the Sorcery (Grimoire) skill which a witch rolls against to see if she casts a spell correctly.

No witch can ever memorize more spells, from one or multiple grimoires, than she has INT, with one spell occupying one point of the INT Characteristic. A witch with INT 16 could thus keep in her mind up to 16 spells from the same or multiple grimoires.

Casting a spell does not erase it from her mind; but to change which spells she has memorized a witch must spend 1d6 hours expelling an old spell from memory and memorizing a new one from her grimoire.

If the same spell is found in one or more grimoires a witch knows, she always casts it at the highest rated Sorcery (Grimoire) percentage.

Manipulation (INT+POW)
On their own, Sorcery spells can be quite weak and limited in their scope. However a witch’s true power lies in her ability to extend the fundamental aspects of all spells, enhancing their reach.

  • Sorcery spells cast without any Manipulation have a Magnitude of 1, a Range of touch, a Duration equal to the caster’s POW in minutes and focus upon a single target.

However, the Manipulation skill allows a witch to modify a spell’s components: Magnitude, Range, Duration, or Targets and even Combine several spells into a single casting. Manipulation is a single skill which can be applied to all known Sorcery spells; a separate Manipulation per Grimoire is not necessary.

  • The Manipulation skill is never rolled against when casting a spell.

Instead, each 10% or fraction thereof of the Manipulation skill allows one point of Manipulation to be assigned to a single Sorcery spell component. A Witch therefore needs to specify at the moment of casting how the points of her Manipulation skill will be used.

Manipulation of the following components is possible:

  • Magnitude: Used to penetrate magical defences or resist magical attacks.
  • Range: Used to increase the distance a spell can be cast over.
  • Duration: Used to extend the period of time the spell’s effects last.
  • Targets: Used to increase the number of targets affected by the spell.
  • Combine: Used to fuse together several spells into a single casting.


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