ur tale begins as five distant souls converge upon the city of Athos- jewel of the Azure Coast. Whether guided by Fate’s hand or the will of the Gods, the strangers are soon to be thrust together into the jaws of danger and adventure!

Brynhild, a wandering, short-tempered battle-maiden of the Northern Provinces; Maysor Loreth, a curt Hedge-Knight trying to regain his honor; Savoir Voler, a happy-go-lucky scoundrel from the streets of Athos; Sursiria, a brooding High Elf mage with a secret past; and Tasius of Vexus, a carousing Initiate of the Imperial Church.

Book I- Chapter 1: Birds of a Feather

Book I- Letter to Maysor: Letter to Maysor

Book I- Chapter 1A: ‘I Found It In a Dung Pile…’

Book I- Chapter 1B: ‘Vexus Has A Special Curse for You!’

Book I- Chapter 2: ‘Almost Drafted!’

Book I- Chapter 2A: Road Trip

Book I- Chapter 2B: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Book I- Chapter 2C: The Negotiator

Lands of Brixia

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