Lands of Brixia

A chance meeting

Journal of Mero 5E Day 243

It took me two days of travel to find the nobleman Maysor in a low rent tavern in Aquitania. Not that I am above such things, as I am not, however the place has the look and feel of the low rungs of the Gray Citadel where a person’s life is barely worth 2 silvers. I am in my Tariq persona, as this is what the Bard’s know me as…all except for Kahlia, but none know’s where she wandered to.

Anyway, upon delivery to the stuffy nobleman clad in armor (who refused to give me a tip by the way until i specifically asked for one), he charged me to wait while he read the writ and asked me about some location within the city. The nerve of nobles, to think that everyone is at their beck and call, however i digress and held my tongue while he slow wittedly read aloud (the sign of a true lowbrow).

The tavern looked to be a good place to spin a story, perhaps the one about the Prince and the Salamander is always a good one and could possibly earn some much needed coin, but I fell into a table group due to the overcapacity of the tavern. I protected my coin purse of course, I know the tricks…of course i do.

I observed a robed woman whose accent screamed that she was of Elvish blood, but which one i didnt know. She was quite brusque for such a delicate thing. With her was an old woman that made my hackles stand on end. I couldnt place the problem and nothing seemed out of the ordinary with her, but there was a definite wrongness. There was also a youngish man, who appeared to be some guild apprentice of some sort as he wasnt dressed poorly, yet he wasnt dressed richly. I did observe that his eyes darted about furtively as he took in the entire room, almost as if he were sizing it up. I did not see The Mark on his wrist, so if he were a Toad, then he was unaffiliated. Ah well, more loss for him…if i remember correctly Freelancers as they were called were required to give up 75% of their take.

Then there was the North Brixian woman…what a specimen she was! I bet she could break me in half, and with sufficent Addleberry Wine I would let her! She truly is magnificent, with arms and legs corded like a tree. She didnt speak much and ate and drank so I would mark her as some type of mercenary of some sort. There had to have been something to bring a barbarian like her into the city.

Then things went south, quickly. A loudmouthed Affiliated approached us and made some broad assumptions that we all were friends or colleagues and believed that we were taking the Elf woman to a boat somewhere here on the docks. He is asking 500 silvers for his extortion fee. I whispered the code word that identified me as a Worker, but he ignored it so it probably stands to reason that his gang is acting of its own accord. I’m sure he will kill us if we don’t pay or try to run. I need to ingratiate myself with the warrior woman (as much as possible…ahem!) and the noble as they offer the best chance of covering my arse. The young man may have connections that I need and the Elf may have some grimoires that I may be able to make off with. I havent met an Elf yet that couldnt toss a spell or two.

Tariq will need to check in at the Courrier’s Ward to acknowledge delivery of his charge within the next three days. Until then, I need to observe and record.


I am really do enjoy the different yet similar way we are all seeing these events unfold. So far we are all have our reservations about each other but see some value in this loose compainionship. Should we ever let out guards down, perhaps just a little, I’m sure in time we will all become a more close nit unit. I hope.

A chance meeting

Hah! Maysor has an Imperial gladius half-way up his bung! =) When will he relax? What will it take for him to trust his companions? What must he do to gain their trust? OMG!!!

A chance meeting

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