Lands of Brixia

Insuferable Humans (Speaking as Sursiria)

(Brixian Calender

I should have known that coming to this forsaken city in Aquitania was a horrible idea. Traveling with caravans to and from villages and towns has dulled my wisdom. I arrived amidst the hustle and stench of the place as did so many others. A mysterious old lady with knowledge of herbcraft tricked me into a visit to one of the local stenchfests known as a tavern. I thought perhaps that I could acquire some more information from the old lady before her inevitable demise in the not too distant future. After sitting at a table with complete strangers due to the foul human penchant for breeding like rabbits, some halfwit spilled cat urine and got some of it on my robes!

At some point amidst the cacophony, several humans became more prominent to my observations. The first one seemed to be some kind of dark haired armored warrior with a need for snobbery towards those who could easily be his peers or betters. Hopefully he proves to be better in combat rather than as an example of grace and nobility amongst his kind. It should also be noted that this one seems tied to some barbaric code of honor. The second was a man of dark complexion who wore garb indicative of people from the southern deserts. He seemed to be a little more charming than the first. However, I also get the feeling that he is less trustworthy. The next which caught my attention seemed to be a strange specimen of the species. His flamboyant facial hair seemed to be covering up something. He possibly has knowledge of magic or of ways of being unseen since he seemed to appear out of nowhere. The last human of interest was the northern warrior woman. A heavy axe sat near her table while she devoured several plates of burnt animal flesh. She seems the kind to value action over words – a sentiment which I can respect.

The mysterious old lady who had accompanied me began acting in a strange and nervous manner. I tried to inquire as to what her problem was. However, she spoke some nonsensical riddle about life lessons and stood up to leave. I was tempted to use sorcery in order to attune my senses to otherworldly events and entities. However, such a display would have brought undue attention from the nearby filthy hordes. Finally, some uncouth thug made his way to the table at which I sat and decided to make some absurd accusation concerning my presence and associating with the four previously mentioned. He acted like a dunghill goblin with too great an estimation of his importance in the cosmos. He demanded an absurd amount of silver from us by tomorrow under the cover of some implied threat. Because of his stupidity, It seems he intends to follow up on his threat. Finally, the creature tried to lay his mouth upon my face. Thankfully, I deftly avoided his clumsy assault. Now, due to these insufferable circumstances, I’m bound in a form of an alliance to the other four humans. Hopefully, the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible and I can leave this sad excuse for a city.


Wow…and I thought that Maysor was snobish. lol.


Oh my gods…“..nearby filthy hordes”!

Don’t know if that is funnier than “..tried to lay his mouth upon my face”!

I didn’t know you could channel my wife!



Glad I made you laugh. I’ve been watching Daria recently …so I think the Fashion Club has had its influence here possibly


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