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Worthy of note

They did not notice him in the tavern, which was good. Baros was a non-descript South Brixian which lent itself to situations such as these. He had received word of an Elvish woman and was told to shadow her and her retinue and report back the findings to a Priest named Calder Morningsun. The woman wrapped and veiled was obviously the mark, however she appeared to hover about a table with a number of other folk; a mix of races and professions it seemed. Baros relaxed and let the scene play out…his eyes watching, his mind moved and connected information at an incredible rate:

A young Aquitanian male, dressed non-descriptly, almost too much so. Most likely a member of the Hand in this area, though probably a low rank earner. Note face to match against anyone wanted for anything in the dock areas.

A young Imperial clad in armor. The disdainful look on his face marks him as one of privilege, however there has to be a reason why he is in this dive of a tavern. He keeps looking at his coin purse, so it is unlikely that he understands these surroundings…definitely a noble. Hands look a bit calloused, so the sword is more than for show. Where is his heraldry? A warrior noble not showing heraldry is either trying to hide, or running from something. Perhaps someone will speak his name, though i can barely read his lips from here…

A young Shakadian? Aksumite? No, that one is an Imperial as well, though dark of skin and obviously of some mixed heritage. The laniard on his arms marks him as a Courrier Bard…wait, he just passed the noble a communication. Unfortunate that I cannot see a seal from here. Ahh, this one is a Bard, but is he a True Bard or a pretender?

A North Brixian woman who seems quite…hungry. Her body language is against the group, so maybe she isnt truly a part of the gathering? Her physique is very statuesque, though scarred. She has an easy confidence in her eyes, the confidence that comes from being a killer of men. I don’t see any Clan markings on her though, maybe she is hiding. She looks familiar though…

And back to the mark…knowing what I know about Elves from Vaellen and Cercer, she appears to be ill at ease. High Elves like Vaellen and Wild Elves like Cercer have totally different body language and hers favors Vaellens. Ha! Nothing can mask the stature of a haughty High Elf, its like they were born with a fence pole up their ar…! Wait, who is that?

Hmmm, interesting. It appears as though the young Aquitanian is NOT part of the Hand, either that or there is some internal squabble going on. Mental Note: Check with Hand contacts about the Docks District. Funny, the tall greasy man tried to lick the Elf-Girl’s face…if looks could kill her gaze would’ve turned him to stone quicker than a cockatrice’s feather pillow. Dammit to hell, this place is too smoky…my eyes are burning and i cant read their lips…

…better, fresh…or as fresh as the docks air gets. Perhaps i should just wait out here for them to leave and follow them, though at this time the stalls are clearing and I would be much more obvious. Sigh, I shouldve gone west with Argus and Cercer…the look on Argus’ face would have been priceless when he met his enstranged daughter, or at least that is what the bar-girl told him. Argus can be so trusting at times…

Wait, the thief is leading the noble toward the Crooked Alleyway. I guess the young noble has a desire to get robbed and shanked under the watchful eye of the Disc of Viva. The thief’s body language isn’t overly tense though, so he must not be leading into an ambush, but still…that would leave the Elf and the bard inside with the Clanswoman.

Baros was no mere Shadower, but a decorated Agent of the Empire. He hated working for the Church, but if the security of the Empire is being threatened by this waifish Elf, then it was of the utmost importance to find out who she is and what she is about…


I’m a 1st level mage …..wth? I’m no threat! :P

Worthy of note

LoL! Baros is old as hell! Who the hell hired him???

Worthy of note

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