Lands of Brixia

Zut Alors! (session 1 through the eyes of Savoir Joler)

Once again the rotting dogs of the Unseen Hand were up to their old tricks. When I spotted the “loudmouth”, I thought it would be best to follow him and observe his activities.

I used my powerful magics to become completely invisible and followed him into an inn called ‘The Sleeping Dragon’. Inside was a hodgepodge group consisting of a well dressed nobleman, his male entertainer, a rather coarse mannered Elven woman and another girl of the North, who was very much built like a Northern girl. Of the lot I’d say she was the scariest, with a Blacksmith’s arms and legs like those of a draft mule.

When I saw the loudmouth signalling his posse of hired halfwits, I thought it best to allow myself to be seen and warn the group, as any enemy of the Unseen Hand is a friend of mine. I might add that the Northwoman ate the entire time I was there.

When the loudmouth’s troop of nincompoops came in, we were sitting about. The loudmouth demanded 500 silver to allow us to put our friend on a boat. We decided to ignore him for the time being and work on obtaining a writ of entry with which we could pass the gate.

I just so happened to know a master counterfeiter, so the bulk of us went to see him. The horselike Northwoman ordered another plate of meat and sat back down in the inn.


Very entertaining…I can’t wait to see more of this adverture through Savoir’s eyes.


I changed the inn name for you…damn that Savoir! =)


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