Characteristics are the fundament upon which your hero is built. Legends come in many forms, courageous warriors of great strength, clever rakes that trick their foes to their doom, priests wise in the ways of the Gods. Seven characteristics detail your character’s most basic qualities and are used to determine a wide variety of capabilities.

Characteristics are representative of a characters mental, physical and spiritual abilities and faculties. The higher the number, for a characteristic, the better. Low scores in characteristics tend to mean weakness or ill-health – although some races have a low statistical range simply due to their natural physiology so a low score in a characteristic might indicate a perfectly normal state of existence. Human Characteristics range between 3 and 21, although the upper limit for a starting Adventurer is likely to be 18. The human average is about 12.

Adventurer Creation

  • House Rule- Players have 70 Characteristic Design Points.
  • 1 point in a Characteristic costs 1 Design Point.
  • Characteristics cannot be lower than 6 or greater than 18.
  • All Characteristic Design Points must be used in the design process. Points cannot be held over or used for anything else.
  • Characteristic Design Points are spent on every Characteristic BUT Size (SIZ) and Social (SOC). These Characteristics start at 12, by default. (See more info below.)

The Characteristics, and their abbreviations, are as follows:

Charisma (CHA)
Charisma measures the force of personality. Adventurers with a high CHA have the ability to make friends easily, find themselves the focus of attention when it is needed (and sometimes when not) and persuade others to do things. Adventurers with a low CHA tend not to be noticed so readily or have a hard time making themselves

Charisma is not a measure of how beautiful or handsome an Adventurer is; it is, instead, an indicator of confidence and the ability to express one’s self. CHA has no upper limit although it is rare for it to exceed 21. If reduced to zero in any way, then the Adventurer has become completely uncommunicative and
emotionless – a shell of a person.

CHA determines the maximum number of Talents an Adventurer may possess. CHA also influences the number of Improvement Rolls the Adventurer has when opportunities for skill and characteristic improvements come around.

Constitution (CON)
Constitution measures the health and vitality of an Adventurer and helps to determine how much physical damage he can sustain. Adventurers with a high CON are likely to have more Hit Points meaning that they can soak-up more damage during combat.

CON also determines how long it takes before an Adventurer starts to feel the effects of Fatigue and weariness. If CON is reduced to zero then the Adventurer dies.

Dexterity (DEX)
A measure of physical co-ordination, agility, suppleness and nimbleness, DEX is an important component in many physical skills. A decent DEX represents someone who is quick, keen of eye and fleet of movement. DEX determines how often in a fight an Adventurer can strike or defend himself- an important consideration if he is outnumbered or the skill of his foes is perhaps greater than his own.

If it is reduced to zero, the Adventurer is paralyzed completely and cannot move in any way until DEX is recovered in some way (through healing or magic, for instance).

Intelligence (INT)
INT represents an Adventurer’s capacity for learning, rationalizing and analysis. It is less a measure of cleverness and more how the Adventurer applies what he knows either practically or analytically. INT is important if the Adventurer is to be a competent magician.

If, somehow, INT reaches zero, then the Adventurer is reduced to a witless, drooling idiot until INT is restored in some form. INT is also used as a bonus when rolling to improve skills.

Power (POW)
A somewhat abstract characteristic, POW represents the force of both an Adventurer’s soul and his innate magical and spiritual presence. The more Power an Adventurer has, the greater his or her force of will, confidence and Magic Points. POW can also be pledged to show devotion to the gods and in exchange for certain divine gifts or benefits.

If POW is reduced to zero, the Adventurer usually dies – either completely sapped of his soul or his spirit has been taken into the gods’ care. However, depending on circumstances characters can exist with zero POW.

Size (SIZ)
Size represents the average of an Adventurer’s mass. SIZ determines if an Adventurer can see over something, or fit through a small opening. SIZ also helps calculate the Adventurer’s Hit Points and damage bonus. If SIZ is reduced to zero it results in death. An average human male is SIZ 12 (from 156- 168 lbs).

  • Starting characters start at a default SIZ of 12. Reducing SIZ grants Design Points(1 for 1), and increasing SIZ costs Design Points (1 for 1).

Social Status (SOC)
SOC describe an Adventurer’s place in the society to which they belong, plus the addition or amendment of certain skills in which SOC plays a part. At Adventurer Creation, an Adventurer’s SOC is that of the family from which they come and it is up to them to maintain and improve on it. Anyone with SOC 3 or higher is regarded as a member of society, is entitled to seek citizenship and can count on whatever protection the legal system offers.

  • Starting characters start at a default SOC of 12. Reducing SOC grants Design Points (1 for 1), and increasing SOC costs Design Points (1 for 1). A character’s Profession may also modify starting SOC.

Strength (STR)
Strength is a measure of an Adventurer’s raw muscle power. It acts as an indicator of how much someone can lift, push or pull, or how tightly he grasps something. Strength determines if an Adventurer can wield the heaviest hand weapons at full ability.

It is also a component in calculating the damage modifier, which may increase the effect of physical attacks. If an Adventurer is reduced to 0 Strength for any reason he lacks the ability to move and becomes bed-ridden until STR improves somehow (through natural healing or magic, for example).



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