Cultural Background

Adventurers typically come from one of four cultural backgrounds:

  • Barbarian
  • Civilized
  • Nomad
  • Primitive

Players are free to choose which background their Adventurer belongs to although the GM may insist that all Adventurers in a group come from the same cultural background. This helps bring a group of Adventurers together, provides opportunities for friendships and community support to develop and provides a strong reason to explain why these different characters are adventuring together.

However it is not uncommon for Adventurers in the same group to come from very different cultural backgrounds and, where this is the case, a good variety of skills and magic gives the adventuring group flexibility and interest.

Tribal in nature, barbarians tend to shun civilization, often viewing those who live in towns and cities as weak and corrupt. They are much closer to nature and live as one with the land, hunting and tending to their farms far out in the wilderness. Most are adept in the use of weaponry as they must face many dangers throughout their lives. Many have extensive boating or animal handling/riding skills.

Civilized Adventurers hail from an urban culture, which includes a village, town or city that is part of a wider network of similar settlements. In a civilized culture, education is becoming a right, not a privilege and the skills of the civilized Adventurer reflect this. However, he may be lacking in some of the skills that Adventurers from other backgrounds will depend upon for survival in a harsh world.

Nomadic people are constantly on the move, with no home and hearth to call their own. They may move aimlessly about, or they may have several camps they move to and from throughout the year. With no crops and few herd animals of their own, nomads are adept at surviving on what they can quickly and easily scavenge from the land.

People of other cultures commonly dismiss primitive people as little more than animals. While mostly prejudice, it is true that primitive peoples have not mastered the technology that so many other cultures take for granted, as they still rely on flint spears and arrows and they are highly skilled at the basic knowledge needed for survival in the wild.


Cultural Background

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