Every Adventurer starts the game having followed a profession. The profession he chooses may not necessarily be the one he continues to follow as he begins his adventuring life but it is the career he embarked on as part of the transition to adulthood and it further defines his skill development.

The professions available are dependent on the Cultural Background; in some cultures the list of available professions is quite narrow because the needs of the community are straightforward and cultural traditions will push young adults along a certain path. In others, the list is more diverse, reflecting a more complex community and society with wider needs or cultural traditions that have diversified over the centuries.

Players should therefore examine the list of professions available to them based on the cultural background chosen.

  • Acrobat- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Alchemist- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Animal Trainer- All
  • Bard- All
  • Beggar- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Blacksmith- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Champion- All
  • Courtier- Civilized
  • Craftsman- All
  • Diplomat- Civilized
  • Enforcer- Civilized
  • Explorer- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Farmer- Barbarian, Civilized, Primitive
  • Fence- Civilized
  • Fisherman- All
  • Herdsman- Barbarian, Primitive, Nomad
  • Hunter - All
  • Mercenary- All
  • Merchant- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Miner- Barbarian, Civilized
  • Noble- Barbarian, Civilized, Nomad
  • Physician, Healer- All
  • Robber- All
  • Sailor- Civilized, Primitive
  • Scholar- Civilized
  • Shaman- Barbarian, Nomad, Primitive
  • Smuggler- All
  • Soldier/Warrior- All
  • Sorcerer- Civilized
  • Spy- Civilized
  • Swindler- Civilized
  • Thief- All
  • Tracker- Barbarian, Nomad, Primitive
  • Woodsman- Barbarian, Civilized, Primitive



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