In the far north, where the bitter cold of the Northern Wastes meets the farthest frigid reaches of Frosthold, hardened and blue-skinned Ymirian tribes rely on their own strength of body and will to survive.

Far to the south, many thousands of miles away on the blasted expanse of the Great Desert, sun-burned Shakadian fire-mages pore through thick eldritch tomes, ever seeking more advanced magics.

Intermingled between these extremes of culture and climate lie many dangers and mysteries, as well as countless varieties of people, human, humanoid, and otherwise. From semi-nomadic Raugaj to the bloody revolutionaries in Wu, and from the grim serfs of Aksum to the lizard-riding wild elven hunters of the Tangle, the broad range of peoples who inhabit the continent of Byrra represent a wide swath of human cultures and individualism.

And all of these many and varied folk share their lands with many other common races: dour dwarves, haughty elves, and brusque orcs.

Yet despite all these residents of the lands, most of the regions remain dangerous wilderness, deadly to the unprepared and frightening to the helpless. Fortunately for the many civilizations of the region, though, brave and hardy individuals constantly answer the calls to exploration, conquest, and adventure.

Here, then, is your chance to step up and make a name for yourself in the world of Byrra, or at least, to die a noble death in the quest for fortune and glory. If you seek to steal your place among the heroes of this dangerous land, to rise above the masses and achieve immortality in name and deed, then welcome, friend, to your destiny!

Core Races
The most expansive and populous of Byrra’s races are known as the core race— humans. On Byrra, humanity is further divided into different, unique ethnicities. While each human ethnicity is identical so far as rules are concerned, they have wildly different appearances, histories, and customs. Ten human ethnicities are detailed, followed by entries on the eight non-human races. Any of these races and ethnicities are appropriate for play in the Brixia campaign.

Reading the Race Entries
The following entries provide a more indepth examination of Byrra’s races. Each entry includes a short stat block that summarizes key bits of information for each race or ethnicity.

  • Languages: This line lists what languages members of the race or ethnicity automatically are fluent in when they begin play. In many cases, they know more than one language— Imperial and their ethnic or racial tongue. Note that these known languages generally only apply to PCs—it’s not uncommon to encounter NPCs who might lack knowledge of the Imperial tongue and only speak their native languages.
  • Favored Religions: This line lists the most commonly worshiped deities or most commonly followed philosophies by members of the race or ethnicity. Of course, specific individuals of any race can worship any deity they wish— this line merely represents the norm.
  • Favored Regions: While all of the races are widespread enough that individuals can be found living almost anywhere, this line lists the regions where the race or ethnicity holds power or with which it is strongly associated.
  • Names: Examples of male and female names are given here. In some cases, additional example names (such as family names) are given as well.
  • Appearance: This line gives a short description of the typical appearance of a member of the race or ethnicity.




High Elves

North Brixians



Shadow Elves



South Brixian Empire

Wild Elves



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