Characteristics and Attributes define an Adventurer in terms of what he is – how strong, how fast, how much damage he deals with a well-aimed blow and so on. Skills define what an Adventurer can actually do. Ranging from how well an Adventurer can sneak past a guard and how well he can sculpt a statue, to his expertise with a sword.

Skill Tests
All skills have a starting value based on the sum of two Characteristics or a single Characteristic multiplied. Initially, a character’s Cultural Background and Profession determine the value of these skills. There is no upper limit to a skill; it can rise over 100% and even higher, indicating truly superhuman capabilities.

When an Adventurer is called on to roll against a skill, he uses 1D100 and is attempting to roll equal to, or less than, his skill’s value. Achieving this means the skill is used successfully; if the 1D100 roll is above the skill’s value, then the attempt has failed.

Levels of Success and Failure
Whether or not an Adventurer succeeds or fails is important in Legend but it is also very important to see how well he succeeded or failed. For this reason levels of success are crucial to the game. The levels of success are (from best to worst):

  • Critical Success- If the Skill Test is equal to or less than 10% of the modified skill (rounded up), then the Adventurer has scored a critical success. A roll of 01 is always a critical success.
  • Success (sometimes referred to as a Normal Success)- Any test result of 01 to 05 is an automatic success.
  • Failure- Any test result of 96 to 00 is an automatic failure.
  • Fumble- A fumble occurs when: the modified skill being used is less than 100% and the result is 99 or 00; or the modified skill being used is equal to, or more than 100% and 00 is rolled.

Levels of Skill
What is considered routine for an Adventurer with a skill of 60% may well be considered difficult for an Adventurer with only 25% in the same skill. So, the value of the skill forms one of the circumstances to take into consideration.

  • 01-25 | Novice
  • 26-50 | Competent
  • 51-75 | Professional
  • 76-100 | Expert
  • 101-125 | Master
  • 126+ | Grandmaster

Common Skills
These skills detail the most common actions every person in the world can succeed in to one degree or another. Each skill is derived from a combination of two Characteristics or a single Characteristic multiplied.

  • Athletics (STR+DEX)
  • Boating (STR+CON)
  • Brawl (STR+DEX)
  • Brawn (STR+SIZ)
  • Culture (Own)(INT x2)
  • Dance (DEX+CHA)
  • Drive (DEX+POW)
  • Evade (DEX x2)
  • Evaluate (INT+CHA)
  • First Aid (INT+DEX)
  • Influence (CHA+SOC)
  • Insight (INT+POW)
  • Lore (INT x2)
  • Lore (Cult) (INT x2)
  • Lore (Regional) (INT x2)
  • Perception (INT+POW)
  • Persistence (POW x2)
  • Resilience (CON x2)
  • Rites (Own) (INT+CHA)
  • Sing (CHA+POW)
  • Sleight (DEX+CHA)
  • Stealth (DEX+INT)

Advanced Skills
Advanced skills are those that Adventurers are not expected to have automatically. These skills often require long and difficult training and Adventurers who possess any level of expertise in them often identify themselves according to their expertise. An Adventurer will not have access to many of these skills during Adventurer Creation but others can be learned through experience.

  • Acrobatics (str+dex)
  • Command (cha+pow)
  • Commerce (int+cha)
  • Courtesy (int+cha)
  • Craft (dex+int)
  • Culture (Other) (int x2)
  • Disguise (int+cha)
  • Engineering (int x2)
  • Fast Talk (CHA+INT)(Age of Treason Sourcebook)

Gambling (int+pow)

Healing (int+pow)

Language (int+cha)

Advanced Lore (int x2)

Alchemy Lore (int x2)

Mechanisms (dex+int)

Meditation (pow x2)

Navigation (int x2)

Oratory (pow+cha)

Play Instrument (dex+cha)

Ride (dex+pow)

Seduction (int+cha)

Shiphandling (int+con)

Streetwise (pow+cha)

Survival (pow+con)

Teaching (int+cha)

  • Track (int+con)

Magical Skills
The magical skills here are distinct from Common Magic and apply to the specific magical paths of Divine Magic and Sorcery. These styles use a combination of two skills to govern how magic works – both the power of spells and their casting.

  • Lore (Specific Theology) (INT+POW)
  • Pact (Specific Cult or Deity) (CHA + Dedicated POW)
  • Sorcery (Grimoire) (INT x2)
  • Manipulation (INT+POW)

Combat Skills

  • Melee Skills (STR+DEX)

- Shield

  • Mounted Combat (DEX x2)
  • Ranged Skills (STR+DEX)



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